Link Round Up

Michael Savage Threatening Sites That Connect Him To Rockstar Energy Drinks? - Michael Savage's family profits from every can of Rockstar sold. If you buy Rockstar then you are directly supporting Michael Savage and his ugly hate-based rants.

Voted Most Likely to Get Her Kids Beat Up on the Playground even though her underlying motivations are honorable. She is fighting against the regular distribution of sugar laden foods in public schools but going about it in the most abrasive and hyperbolic way possible (which is odd since she's in public relations and should know that you get far more traction with kindness than screaming).

Bicyclist Harassment Ordinance Passed and, as Levi Leipheimer tweeted, this should be a national law against the random, stupid harassment and harming of people on bicycles on our roads.

PETA wishes Obama hadn't swatted that fly because we don't have quite enough flies for all of their bullshit.

Pimp my ECO Ride: Win a Strida Folding Bike - pretty much what the link says. Jump through their easy hoops and get a shot at winning a very, very cool folding bike.

iPhone 3.0 Update: Hidden Features and includes some rather useful stuff. Got an iPhone then you should give this a read.

And, finally, the Skull Face Motorcycle Helmet. Yes, there is a picture, click the link to see it. I tend to think its stupid rather than cool but part of me does think its kind of neat.
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