First Monday Off the Clock

It is, as I start this, 8:00 am on the dot. I should be at work, turning on computers, cursing the after school guy for not cleaning up the mess the kids make while he ignores them and surfs Cartoon Network's anime movies. If I'm lucky then I'd have one of my favorite students in the computer lab helping me out, requesting some Johnny Cash on iTunes so she can rock out a little bit.

But none of that is happening and only partially because school is out for the summer. For one, summer school is kicking off and, for some ridiculous reason, it starts earlier than regular school even though it has a shorter day overall. No, I do not understand who thought this would be a good idea.

I'd originally applied to work summer school and keep doing my tech support that I've been doing. But, upon some thought, it didn't make sense to do it. The pay is barely above what I will make on unemployment and I'd have to get up even earlier to work. So, after discussing it with my wife like any good, smart man should do because making monetary decisions in a vacuum is a good way of getting in big trouble, I decided to concentrate my energies this summer on our network marketing venture with Kyani.

To that end, we are going to be spending the summer working on our local prospects, taking trips up to the east bay and possibly beyond with the end goal of building out our business to the point where we are earning the same (though, honestly, we'll need to earn more to compensate for my lost benefits) as from my full-time work in the school district.

I've been laid off before but never with such a great opportunity to generate our own future and I'm not really going to miss having to get up before 7 to get to work on time. Though I will miss the teachers and the kids quite a bit.
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