And Then There Was One

Today is my last day of formal employment with the school district. So far this morning there's almost no one else on campus and I'm not expecting too many people here at all today. A good day to wrap up projects and leave things in as good a shape as I can.

I thought it would be fun, as I'm wont to do, to list the top ten things I won't be missing in the rolling clusterfuck that is the educational bureaucracy in California.

1. Sandpaper disguised as toilet paper.
2. Calling my payroll rep 10 times while trying to find out about unemployment procedures, never getting through to her, leaving messages (her outgoing message requests my social security number which is abysmally stupid and dangerous) and never getting a call back.
3. Overbearing power-mad control freak office managers who have absolutely no problem screaming at staff in front of kids and parents. Well, to be honest there's just one office manager I've heard of that does this. But she seems like multiple people because she can be really nice or really just downright mean.
4. Paperwork.
5. The absolute lack of timeliness.
6. Have I mentioned the sandpaper yet?
7. Students who treat staff and faculty like they are there to serve them.
8. Curmudgeonly custodians constantly chaffing computer correctors.
9. Nightmare parking lot access irritations.
10. Parents who see schools as complicated babysitters for their poorly raised children. They pull up into the faculty parking area, drop off their kids and nearly burn rubber getting out of the parking lot.

All of this said, some of it not really explained with much detail to protect the guilty, I have enjoyed my time in the school district. The people working in the district are, by and large, dedicated, wonderful and caring people working in an industry that's treated badly by the state government with budget cuts year after year that forces districts to make horrible choices.
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