WTF News

Contained herein are actual news stories gathered from around the intarwebs that elicit loud What the Fuck? responses.

Hannity Agrees to be Waterboarded for Charity to Prove It Is Not Torture - this is unlikely to happen but I think it might go a very long way towards changing his stance that waterboarding is, essentially, dunking someone's head in water. It is much, much more.

8-year-old Saudi girl divorces 50-year-old husband - reread that slowly. What kind of a government would sanction the marriage of an eight year old in the first place? Disgusting kid groping freaks.

Girl beats off muggers with marching band baton - that's one way to stop an assault, beat them off. Not sure how pleasurable the baton made it but, hey, it takes all types.

Fear a high school reunion? Hire a stripper - Better yet, hire a male stripper to impersonate you.

Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System packs .338-caliber rifle controlled by Xbox 360 pad - 'Scuse me while I go and make sure my fallout shelter is fully stocked and has a can opener.

Berlusconi rejects patch-up with wife - there are some things that really should be dealt with privately. A pending divorce is very high up on that list. Show some class and take it offline.

NV boy accused of targeting girl on `kill list' - this is a 5th grader who not only put together a list of people he wanted to kill, he was starting to act on that list by attacking a 10 year old girl with a rock.

And finally, Some see media flu coverage as overblown - ya think? Its the flu, there's a nasty flu every year and the flu kills people every year. There is little new about this year's flu epidemic.
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