Why I Got Into Network Marketing

Like many people, I hear the words network marketing or multi-level marketing and cringe just a little bit. The connotations raised by MLM's are not especially positive. I was deeply skeptical and pretty strongly opposed to the idea before I'd even learned about the opportunity. Just as I'm sure your eyes rolled a tiny bit when you saw what this blog post was about.

So what changed my mind?


Let's hypothetically say that you could go back in time and join Amway in the first two years after it launched. Would you? Would you do it knowing that those people that did join early on are multimillionaires now? I know I for damned sure would.

The company that I've joined up with is in the same position but with many notable improvements. Things that make the concept a lot less dissuasive. Like no paperwork, no keeping an inventory, no selling, no huge list of products and no massive start up costs.

Other things that have helped me make the leap into network marketing: Timing, the backend financial support, the products themselves, the support system and the compensation system.

The timing refers to where this company is in its growth cycle. It launched about a year and a half ago and is growing at an incredible rate right now. In three to four years the number of distributors will go from around 25,000 now to 500,000 or more. Getting in now means getting in ahead of the massive growth.

The back end financial support is an investment of a half a billion dollars by two families that were already rich before this all got started.

The products are the best I've ever used, are focused on health and wellness which is going to be growing from a $400 billion industry now to a trillion dollar industry in the next few years as the baby boomers continue to age. What does that mean? There's a freakin' huge opportunity to capitalize on that movement and the desire to stay active later and later in life.

The support system is huge because there's no way I'd be able or comfortable taking on this opportunity on my own. Support means there is always someone there to help you out, always someone there to answer your questions, give a presentation to prospective new distributors and always someone there to lift you up if someone's knocked me down.

And that's one thing that I'm developing a thicker skin about. There are always going to be people that deride network marketing without ever bothering to take a closer look at what they are deriding. They call them pyramid schemes which is actually not even really true.

Take a look at any corporation, that's a pyramid. There's a CEO who has a staff directly under him with more staff under them and so on down the line until you get to the grunts in the trenches who do the real work. Look at the military, look at the government, these are classic pyramids where all of the power and money is concentrated at the very top and the worker bees who do the actual work are at the very bottom.

In a properly sorted out MLM, there is a real possibility to achieve the top positions by anyone in the company. There is a real capability to surpass others through your hard work. That isn't a pyramid scheme.

Some people look at MLMs and think of Bernie Madoff and his ponzi scheme of economic doom. The difference there is that Madoff traded in lies and took money from new people to pay off others, there was nothing produced and nothing consumed except new investors' cash.

An MLM moves products, there is a concrete chain of accountability and it is a disservice to dismiss an MLM as a ponzi or pyramid scheme.

The last and most compelling reason is how this company compensates its distributors. This company returns two thirds of every dollar brought into the system to its distributors, most other MLMs hover at around fifty cents on the dollar. One of the most impressive aspects of the compensation is something I've not seen or heard anywhere else, its a matching check. If the three people you personally sponsor in the program earn $1000 each through their residuals, the company will match that and send me a check for $3000. If I have five people making $2000 each in residuals then I make $10,000. No bullshit, this is huge and powerful.

It would all be for naught if the products were crap though. You can't polish a turd (which isn't actually strictly true since I saw the Mythbusters episode where they did, in fact, polish two turdballs to a rather high luster but you get my point).

So, if you've made it this far and you're wondering what the name of the company is then I'll tell you. Its called Kyani. The opportunity is real, the money is real and the company is going to be a massive success either with or without me or you. I definitely don't want to look back in four or five years and see people I know in the company making rather comfortable livings while I sat on my hands and didn't take the plunge.

And, last thought for this rather long post, there isn't failure in a network marketing program, there is only success and those who quit. I don't plan on quitting.

If you are interested in finding out more about this company and the opportunity then you can email me or leave a comment with your email and I'll contact you. I wouldn't be putting this out there if I didn't think it was an awesome opportunity because I know that I'm risking alienating what few readers I do have with this. But I'd be remiss if I didn't offer the opportunity to you all.
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