TUF Thinking

The 9th season of The Ultimate Fighter is starting to wind down. Lots of the bravado has been spewed, there was a, thankfully, short introduction and quick whooping of Junie Browning Jr., another redneck with a taste for alcohol and being a colossal douchebag, but the real mark on this season has been the United States versus the United Kingdom aspect.

Of course, the coaches are a big part of the show and they couldn't be more polar opposite. Dan Henderson is an old school, tough as nails, been there done that, don't need to brag about did it wrestler turned fighter. His pedigree is legend, his mentality is balls to the wall. Michael Bisping is the UK coach, he made his mark on MMA and the UFC by winning a previous season. Where Hendo is quiet and thoughtful, Bisping is brash, abrasive and cocky.

I've never been much of a Bisping fan, he's a good fighter to be sure, but he's kind of a cock and its hard to root for a cock, maybe unless you're kind of a cock yourself, I don't know.

In the coach's battle, I'm all Hendo and I'm looking forward to seeing Hendo thrash Bisping like the loud mouthed prick he is at the end of the season. Of course, it probably won't be anywhere near as one-sided as I'm hoping but I'm pretty confident that Hendo will handle Bisping.

Now, to the fighters. I actually find myself liking the UK team more. They seem like a good bunch of guys for the most part. Some of the Americans are alright but they seem to be more talk than action, more bullshit than results and kind of come off like dicks.

And in tonight's episode, Michael Bisping apparently goes one big step over the line and sprays water from his water bottle into the face of Damarques, an American fighter with a big mouth. We'll see how it all shakes out in the end.

Overall, the UK fighters have made this season worth watching for me. But at least there's been less overt idiocy (think Jesse Taylor pissing himself by the pool while drunk and stupid) in the house this season which does nothing but denigrate the sport as a whole.
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