T-Minus 10 Days

In ten business days I will be officially unemployed again. While I have some natural angst about this sea change and all of the subsequent changes it will incur in my life, I'm also looking forward to it on several levels.

Don't get me wrong, I like my job quite alot. I like working for teachers who are grateful for the assistance. I like helping kids and I find great satisfaction in resolving computer problems. And I'll definitely miss the excellent health benefits

But I will not miss the bureaucracy, I will not miss the false protection of the union, I will not miss the ever-present layoffs, I will not miss the yearly cuts and the massive stress they create. I will not miss seeing highly qualified teachers and staff released back into the unemployment wilds while more senior staff is kept on solely because of their time served, not because of any other merits.

I also will not miss the increasingly capricious internet filter that blocks sites I would like access to but leaves kids will access to stupid garbage sites like iCarly, FPS shooter game sites (that's first person shooter), Barbie.com, Wambie and a whole host of other sites with zero educational content. Sorry but, in my mind, there's little reason for kids to be able to play video games in a school setting, they have XBoxes, PS3s and Wiis at home for that (though, in the school I'm at today, the kids are far more likely to have game consoles at home than to have computers, that makes me kind of sad).

Other things I will miss are the comradery of the staff and faculty. With a few notable exceptions, people who work in education have great hearts, attitudes and support for others. It is a very nurturing and supportive environment, unlike much of corporate America.

And I totally will not miss the jackass who does the after school program at one of my school's. He used to really bug me but now he no longer matters and I don't care that he's complete ass.

And, finally, I will miss several students especially since I've gotten to know them a little bit and like to think that I've positively effected their schooling.

Also, I'm really looking forward to going camping with my family. Grady asks to go camping nearly every day right now and it'll be fun to get away for a couple of days and enjoy 100% family time together.
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