Choosing a Happier Lens

In much the same way that drunk people make bad choices, like driving, precisely because they are drunk, people who are angry or frustrated are in the worst position to make the right decision to not be angry or frustrated.

And, really, that's all it takes. A conscious decision to not be angry, to not be frustrated. And bam, you are not angry or frustrated. We choose the lens by which we interact with the world. You want to be blue, choose the blue lens. You want to be angry, choose the red lens. You want to be envious, choose the green.

We can opt to not allow our moods to dictate our lives, rather we can dictate our moods.

The trouble is that, occasionally, I forget that I have the remote control. Though, I guess the reality is that it isn't a remote control at all, its all internal, its all hard wired together. But sometimes I forget that I've got the buttons at my command. And I find myself stuck in a crappy mood, determined by what is happening around me, filtered through a lens that I allowed to be placed on my view.

You have the some command control over your life, your moods, your thoughts. It is an empowering realization that should be revisited from time to time to remind oneself of the power over one's personal universe.

You can't control the idiot who cut you off, you can't control the yapping dog across the street, you can't control the douchebag playing his stereo loud enough to rattle your windows at 2 in the morning. In a world where nearly everything is outside of your control, its good to know what you can control.
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