Manners Matter, Muthaf*****!

I am, in the course of my work, exposed to a wide variety of socio-economic classes. From the very poor to the enviously affluent. I try to treat everyone the same regardless of their circumstances because everyone deserves fair treatment.

One thing that is fully within each child's control is their attitude and manners, or lack thereof. Yes, manners are taught by parents but, once a child enters the education system, they are also strongly encouraged by educators.

Some kids never seem to grasp the value in saying please, thank you and you're welcome. They seem to operate on an entitlement concept that the world exists solely to serve them and all of their petty little needs.

Contrast that with the kids at one of my other schools. These kids are polite, say please and thank you and I really enjoy working with them. They also don't approach problems like they expect other people to resolve them for them, they want to learn how to resolve them themselves. Its refreshing and, as a result, I look forward to coming to this school quite alot more than the others.

Parents, do not let your kids get away with being ill-mannered kids, you are doing them no favors at all. Teach them to use their manners and they'll find that people are much more likely to want to help them.

As with so much of the rest of life, you get out what you put in.
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