UFC Fight Night Condit vs. Kampmann Predictions

Tonight's Ultimate Fight Night 18 has some very good and interesting matchups lined up. As has become my custom, I've come up with my predictions for the event. MMAMania has their predictions as well, pretty close to mine but a few differences to make it interesting.

Carlos Condit (22-4) vs. Martin Kampmann (14-2)
Prediction: Kampmann by TKO Round 1
Reason: No real reason, this fight could go either way. I just like Kampmann even if his picture reminds me of an old roommate of mine who turned into a skuzball.

Gleison Tibau (16-6) vs. Jeremy Stephens (14-4)
Prediction: Stephens by TKO Round 2
Reason: Stephens is a wild handful for anyone, he's about as hungry and aggressive a fighter as I've ever seen. He has the capacity to just overwhelm his opponents.

Ryan Bader (8-0) vs. Carmelo Marrero (10-2)
Prediction: Bader by unanimous decision
Reason: I doubt Bader will repeat his knockout performance from his last fight but its hard to go against someone with an 8-0 record even if I tend to think his fighting style is less than enthralling.

Junie Browning (3-0) vs. Cole Miller (14-3)
Prediction: Miller by KO Round 1
Reason: Less a prediction and more of a wish. Junie Browning represents what's wrong with MMA, he's a selfish drama queen and seeing him get his ass handed to him would make me smile. Plus, Cole Miller looks like a good pal of mine and I just like his style.

Tyson Griffin (12-2) vs. Rafael dos Anjos (11-3)
Prediction: Griffin by TKO Round 2
Reason: Griffin was a top contender not too long ago, he should be hungry to get back into the spotlight. I don't know too much about dos Anjos so I'm going with the more known quantity and calling it for Griffin.

Check back after the event to see what my scorecard looks like or leave a comment about why I'm completely wrong about my predictions.

[Update: Not bad, I went 4 for 5 on my predictions and nailed Bader's decision. I got Miller's first round win over Junie too. It was a pretty good night of fights overall.]
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