The Toughest Week

The last week before a school break is, more or less, throwaway time for any educational processes. The children are unfocused, incredibly chatty and defiant in ways that are rather tiresome.

Well, more so than usual.

I'm having a hard time not being a cranky geek. And snapping when a kid asks a stupid question they should be able to resolve on their own if they applied even a tiny bit of effort on their part. But then, that isn't much of a change.

Some of the kids at my schools are used to having literally everything done for them. I would even believe some of these kids have their asses wiped for them given how apathetic they are to trying to do something for themselves.

You may have to pardon my crankiness. I had no coffee today and have the dual "pleasures" of a performance review this afternoon followed by a meeting with HR this early evening that will almost certainly end up in my being laid or bumped from my job. Hard to feel anything but frustrated about that eventuality.

I'm sure the rain isn't helping my mood any either.
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