Short Week with Extra Grindage

We had a good weekend with great weather, I got a good bike ride in, took a bunch of pictures, Nande got a good long run at the dog park and I even planted some tomatoes (Early Girl hybrids!). And, of course, lots of chores got worked through, lawns got mowed, laundry got processed, glue spills on the carpet got steam-vacced up, office spaces got cleaned (some). Oh yeah, I also got to gorge myself on some fan-fucking-tastic In-n-Out burgers on the way back from Pleasanton yesterday.

And I'm looking at a rather nice three day work week as the district goes into spring break mode.

But getting to the break is going to be a slog through the mud. From a mostly meaningless one year job review later today to a 2+ hour staff meeting tomorrow morning to a meeting with HR tomorrow evening to breakdown who's going to "bump" me from my job.

This bumping is a curious process. It takes away control from the school campuses and allows anyone with seniority to decide which school they want to work at. And it also means the junior site tech gets bumped, either to another school or out of the system altogether. Why yes, it does suck balls to be a junior tech. Don't get me wrong, I understand why it is set up this way but that doesn't mean I have to like it. At least not until I'm a more senior employee with bumping capability. And even so, I'd still feel like a big tool for forcing someone else into the unemployment line. Most especially now.

Not that I wouldn't do it, I've got a family to feed, bills to pay and all the rest of it. But still, the system is geared to create divisions within departments rather than a unified front. This is, I suppose a defense against the unionization aspect of education and an effective one at that.

By the way, my job review is effectively useless because there's a wage increase freeze across the entire district. With the grotesque exception of the "leadership" people who voted themselves a raise last October and then further voted to make those raises "untouchable" in the coming budget cuts. This is not leadership, this is ugly coffer-raiding before the coffers are emptied and it thoroughly disgusts me that they did it. And then they justify it with bullshit like retaining "top talent". Its crap and they know it.

So, the skinny is that I'll have a spring break to kick my job hunt into high gear as I'm pretty much expecting to get bumped out of work tomorrow night. Know anybody that needs a computer tech with public relations and marketing skills? Drop me a line.

Of course, if our Kyani starts to take off then this is all moot. The opportunity is there, it just takes a little kicking to get it started and rolling.
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