The Round Up

What's been happening? Here's a quick round up.

Work - got a great performance review and then got informed that I'll be laid off at the end of June. But its now spring break so my focus is shifting from work to finding new work, building up my Kyani organization, posting stuff to Craigslist, working on my photography portfolio and seeing if there are any other avenues of income that I can exploit.

Home - chaos prevails. If the boys aren't chasing each other on scooters and scoot along cars, they are laying waste to reams of paper with glue, glitter glue and safety scissors. Plus, it feels like I've processed forty or fifty loads of laundry in the last four days.

Reading - The 45 Second Presentation

Listening - too much whining, wuffling from the dog and my RjDj aural acid trip recording.

Watching - Lie to Me, The Ultimate Fighter US vs. UK

Tasting - some Coconut Rum cake given to us by our neighbor. Very awesome!

Feeling - my scalp burn from the bleach that takes me from dark brown to very light blond.
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