Registering AreYouFuckingKiddingMe.com

You'd think something as simple as registering a new domain would be, you know, simple. But it isn't simple at all.

First off, I won't ever do business with GoDaddy.com. Bob Parsons, the CEO, is a colostomy sack who'll never get another red cent from me.

Second, some sites seem to think charging $35 a year for a domain is perfectly reasonable

Third, advertised specials evaporate once you're actually on the registration site. That $1.99 that got you in the door? Sorry, that only applies to stupid domains that nobody wants.

Fourth, the site I usually use, Cheap Domain Registration, has a broken doohickey between the shopping cart and the checkout page which makes actually completing the order impossible. Smooth move!

Fifth, once you do get your domain purchase underway you have to wade through page after page after page of "special" offers that are, in reality, upsells to squeeze more cash out of you. Privacy, hosting, alternative domains (.biz. tv. info blah blah blah).

In the end, I did get our new domain registered through MyDomain.com for under ten bucks. Now comes the fun part of connecting it to my hosting provider and then building out the site. No, I won't be naming it here yet, there's nothing to see. But there will be soon.
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