MTV Creates Celebri-Monsters

Having only watched short snippets of MTV for the last ten years or so, they seem to have completely forgotten the Music part of their name and are more concerned with "reality" shows like The Hills.

The moments I've watched The Hills have been few and far between since it seems incredibly, incredibly shallow and vapid and panders to attractive people with contrived "issues".

And it gives rise to utterly useless egoists like Spencer Pratt. Seriously, go read some of his Tweets, this dumbshit thinks he's the second coming of Jim Jones talking about "his following". His background image on this Twitter page is telling, he's got his hair all nicely coifed, his hands lightly clasped and the tiling has turned his fake wife with fake boobs, fake hair and fake smile, Heidi, into just an arm off the side of his tweets. Unintentionally telling.

And, oh yeah, he's got 180K+ followers. Which is kind of crazy when you stop and think about it.

There are plenty of other jackasses who have come to fame via MTV's watchers. The channel seems to focus on totally self-absorbed nimrods as long as they look good.

It'd be nice if MTV went back to, you know, playing music videos.
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