Looking Up to See the Gutter

What kind of a lowlife loser becomes a spammer? Or, worse, a forum spammer, someone who spends their time going from forum to forum sending "personal messages" to people in the pathetic hope that they'll click the link that sends them to a mal/spy/ad-ware site brimming with viruses and other digital nasties?

Of course they aren't doing it because they think they are the scum of the earth, though maybe some do and they relish being the lowest form of life on the ladder.

If there were no financial incentive then that would weed out the vast majority of the jackasses. There would probably still be some griefers that get their jollies by pissing in other people's cornflakes but there will always be trolls and douchebags like that. It is the people that do it as their living that really annoy me.

One of the people I follow on Twitter got something like 220 spam comments on his blog yesterday morning. To what end? Those comments get deleted, the IP's used to leave them get blocked and yet there will be hundreds more today. It is an endlessly frustrating cycle of annoyance, persistence and jackassery.

Also, I'd like to understand how GMail is able to block 99% of the spam I get and Yahoo Mail is able to block maybe 20%? Seems a little ridiculous. Especially when many of the spams have the exact same message sent from the same person. No wonder Yahoo continues to circle the drain, Google does what they do better in almost every way. If Google ever gets into the fantasy sports game then it'll be lights out on Yahoo for me completely.
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