Ending Spring Break Right

Most of Spring Break was pretty low key, playing with my kids, trying to give my wife some time to get on top of her paperwork, the monster of a desk she's been trying to cope with, working on her shop, yardwork and emergency fence repairs.

Not a bad break by any stretch.

But not too much to write home about and rave either. Until the last few days of the week and the weekend in which much goodness, fun and too much sun was all packed in.

First off, I got two good mountain bike rides in, one less than I'd targeted but I can call the demo ride of the Delta 7 Arantix at the Sea Otter Classic a half a ride so I'm even that much closer to my goal. But I did get two good rides in, one with Nande which makes for a more fun outing, usually.

My second ride was on Thursday and wasn't quite as far as normal but I didn't want to over-tax Nande on her first run/ride in a while so we took it easy. She did alright overall but was definitely riding the lag wagon towards the end.

On Friday, I headed south to Laguna Seca and the Sea Otter Classic bicycle festival. Aside from the long slow slog in, it was a great time. The weather was magnificent, there were some great races to enjoy, the dual slalom was particularly cool as well as the BMX trick riders. I did do a full write up of the event on NorCal Bikers, I think the link is in the post right below this one.

On Saturday, we hit the beach so that the boys could play with their cousins. The four kids had a ball running into and out of the surf, throwing sand at the water, making designs in the sand and generally running around like wild little boys. We also got to see a rather large fish wash up on the sand, still alive, flap around for a bit and then get carried back out into the bay. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of fish it was. It was about four feet long, had pretty big teeth and a bunch of spines on its dorsal fin. It also was extremely iridescent in the sun and flashed bright blues, greens and maybe some purple.

Sadly though, no pictures as I'd just put my camera back in my bag when it rolled up on the shore. And, because the four kids were getting really close, I couldn't just run over and grab it. Especially not after seeing how nasty big those teeth were!

On Saturday night, a buddy of mine and I went out to Salinas to watch UFC 97. Overall there were some pretty good fights but Anderson Silva's title defense fight was about as thrilling as watching paint dry. Which sucks because he was trying to draw Thales Leites into a fight but Leites seemed content to flop on his back about fifty times. The fights also pretty well ended Chuck Liddell's career with another TKO stoppage. That was a bit of a bummer. Overall, I went 5 for 8 on my predictions and should not have gone with the sentimental prediction on Liddell or I'd have gone 6 for 8. Not a bad night of fights but it could have and should have been way better. Silva may be winning but he's losing his marketing draw with each successive boring crappy fight. They need to put someone in the ring who will bang with him.

And that brings us to yesterday. The early part of the day was spent at the house, doing yardwork, fixing a slowly disintegrating fence and trying to steal a little rest while avoiding the sun because it was hot, hot, hot here, must have been in the mid-90s. But the afternoon was spent at a birthday party. Lots of kids, a little wading pool, a sprinkler and some damned fine Hoegaarden White Beer on tap. It was alot of fun but very tiring.

After we got home, got the kids bathed and into bed where they put up only the most minimal resistance to going to sleep, we watched Thursday's episode of Survivor. And saw the most annoying character since Johnny Fairplay keep stroking his scraggly beard and massive ego. This season is turning out to be a pretty meager and bordering on annoying enough to stop watching one. The Coach guy is a complete tool, liar and jackass. If he'd been voted out then I'd have been happy but nope, we'll be subjected to more weeks of his incredibly grating personality. You're losing me, Survivor, you are losing me.

And that brings us up to current. This week will be a busy one, with meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, after school work on Tuesday and lots of little computer fires cropping up from the break.

My legs are worked, I might have pink-eye and a spot or two of poison oak but I look pretty darned tan and healthy even if my allergies are starting to lose the battle against the post nasal drip.

It was a very, very good end to the week off. Now we'll see what kind of looniness develops as California just got another $3.1 or $4 billion for education. I hope that money goes to its intended use and not to another of Schwarzenegger's projects because that money could mean I have a job in the fall.
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