I've been feeling less and less engaged this last week. More and more distant and out of sorts. I'm not quite sure why but I could point a finger or two at a few of the larger boogeymen in my reality.

My looming layoff. Its sort of like the school bully telling me during first period that he's going to kick my ass after school. You know its coming and yet you are, more or less, powerless to stop it. Hard not to feel a sense of powerlessness there.

The subsequently ever-tightening money crunch. Hard to feel footloose and fancy free when you know the meter is ticking down towards zero with each passing second.

My lack of regular exercise. Due to other circumstances, my bike rides have been fewer and further between than normal lately. I tend to get grouchy and uncomfortable in my own skin without my saddle time.

My Kyani organization. It isn't much of a secret that we've signed on to become distributors for Kyani, a company that's created and sells a fantastic liquid multi-vitamin based on Alaskan blueberries. The products are awesome, the company is awesome and yet I'm still struggling to get the organization underway. It is getting better but still, it can be tough to maintain the forward momentum.

I think I'll start a post specifically about Kyani and why we chose to get involved since I'm not normally the type to join up with a network marketing program. If anyone is interested in finding out more about this company and the potential with it then please leave a comment or email me.
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