Cool Stuff from Teh Intarwebs

The best thing about the internet is that it is a juggernaut of awesomeness, of productivity, of hacks, of tips, of tricks and of just plain cool stuff that other people have poured their time and love into.

Here are some things I've found recently that I think are cool enough to pass along.

Closr - want to put a zoomable image on your site? This place has cool widgets to make it easy.

Amazon's 773 Free Mp3s - yes, I realize that Amazon is the devil and a discriminatory evil corporation. But free music is free music, it doesn't help them.

13 Tips for Improving Outdoor Portraits - pretty self explanatory.

Make Ubiquity Your Ultimate Firefox Commander - if you haven't added Ubiquity to your Firefox then you are missing out. Load it up, rock it out and marvel and how freaking awesome your browser can be.

Still Tasty - curious about whether some food in your fridge is more dangerous than edible? Still Tasty breaks down shelf lives for you.

Pricay Choice - helps you opt out of advertising online, tracking cookies and other marketing flimflammery.

A Field of Light Sabers Powered by Ambient Electricity - this is just friggin' cool.

Install a tip out tray in your kitchen - convert that stupid fake drawer in front of your sink into a really useful tip out drawer. Easy and awesome.
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