Zombie Cheese!

I got an itch this morning to dust off the Cheddar X and create a new set of questions to see how people were coping with the current recession. Here are the questions I came up with and my answers.

1. How worried are you about a layoff?
I got laid off last year and then rehired two weeks later. I've got a year of seniority now and am not at the bottom of the totem pole anymore. Concerned but not worried.

2. How likely are you to be laid off because of the recession?
Odds are that I won't get pink slipped but you never know and I'm operating under the assumption that I will get laid off because that keeps me motivated to search for other jobs.

3. What plans have you made in case a layoff does come down?
We are in the process of turning the hair salon from a break even proposition to a profit making proposition. Additionally, we've become distributors for Kyani, makers of a great antioxidant juice, omega-3 supplements and a nitric oxide booster, good stuff! I am also doing more professional photography work which makes me very happy.

4. What have you decided to go without in order to save some money?
We passed on the his & her Bimmers, no more month long vacations in the south of France and we now drink store brand soda more often than not.

5. Has anything positive come from the recession?
The excesses of Wall Street, the toppling of crooks like Bernie Madoff, the realization that more isn't always better and traffic is lighter. But the downsides are far, far outweighing the upsides right now.

6. How will you know your personal recession is over?
When we're no longer borrowing money every month to cover our basic expenses.

7. How will you celebrate?
It will very likely involve sushi, sake, beer and friends. And maybe a new huge HD LCD tv.

There now, that didn't hurt a bit! Come and get some Cheddar. If there's enough demand, I'll probably try to get it rolling again.
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