What is Success Anyway?

As this blog's 7th birthday approaches in May, I find myself wondering if there's any point to continuing to devote so much time to its care and feeding. Which makes me think about how I am measuring its relative success.

I started blogging with an idea that I would tap out a few posts, the world would glom onto my brilliance and duckets would fall from the sky. Of course, that hasn't happened and many would say that blogging's heyday has come and gone, replaced by Facebook, Twitter and probably something even newer and cooler.

But what is success? Can I think of this blog as a success despite its inability to pay my mortgage or enable me to go buy a Mercedes Benz with all the Google Ad bucks?

Part of this investigation is the result of my recent realizations about facets of my personality and character that set me up for frustration when my expectations aren't met. So I am hoping that, in the addressing of them, I will be able to alleviate some of the build up of angst and frustration.

So, again, what is success? Is it finding new people I like to read and interact with, is it gaining some measure of exposure or notoriety, is it making a witty post that demonstrates how funny I can be (or not as the case sometimes is)? Or is success having a running log of events in my life so that I can return to this at some point and remember what was happening with my family, my work, my dog and what have you? Is success having a platform to inform my extended family of what's happening in my life in an unobtrusive way?

Success is all of these things. And, to some degree, I feel that this blog has been a success. I've developed friendships with some of my readers over the years, I've found myself entertained by the other blogs I read and link to, I have initiated conversations with my family that have arisen out of blog posts (though, for some reason, my family doesn't like to comment directly on the blog very much, my sister being excepted).

How has this blog failed? I still have to go to work at a regular job everyday. I've sometimes alienated and driven off regular readers for various reasons. I sometimes navel-gaze too much. I sometimes veer off into what I think might be funny but comes off as offensive humor tangents. I have a hard time keeping on a topic and definitely have an annoying tendency to post serious stuff amid not-so-serious stuff which can make it difficult to follow along with.

In the end, I'll likely keep posting here because I like the soapbox, no matter how wee it is. It makes me feel better because I'm doing something to draw attention to the things that bug me, infuriate me or otherwise elicit a strong reaction. Plus, I need a place to post pics of beautiful dog and awesome kids.
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