The Unreciprocated Follow

It is an odd thing, when you choose to follow someone on Twitter (like me, for instance) and they do not choose to follow you back. It feels like rejection though it can be any number of other things which feels like rationalization.

Sometimes the person you follow just doesn't follow others back. Like take Lance Armstrong, he follows a mere 44 tweeps and has nearly 340,000 following him. Your odds are not good unless your last name is Leipheimer or Basso.

And then there are people you've known for a long time that get on Twitter, follow a whole bunch of people and then slowly weed them down. You can tweet something they find offensive and bam, you're off the shortlist. Which is fine, not every tweet is going to be gold and sometimes you need to wade through a deep puddle of melancholy dookie to get to the gold on the other side.

If, however, I follow someone and respond to their questions into the Twitterverse and they do not ever respond back or follow back then I will have no issues dropping them. They aren't really interested in expanding their conversation so much as fattening up their follow numbers because they equate more followers with more right to ego or pride.

Twitter fascinates me and I come up with new things I'd like added everyday. I'd like a request to follow system, I'd like a reason for unfollowing system, I'd like to have a grading system for people I follow so that I could have a tab in my tweet reader to just read pal tweets or however else I break them down. I know there are a myriad of add-ons already and many do these things but I'd like them to be incorporated into the site itself rather than an add-on.

But I'd also like it to rain hundred dollar bills and for my dog to unlearn how to whine too and neither of those is going to happen anytime soon.
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