I feel inordinately proud that I filled five big trash bags with yanked weeds from the steetside of my fence.

Sully and Grady are wearing matching green and yellow tie-dyes today that we made at a St. Patty's party a couple of weeks ago. Sully told his daycare provider this morning that I made them at a party, the way he enunciates is just too funny and sweet.

My district has seen fit to close down one of the means I was using to get access to my home computer and no firewall. My annoyance is powerful.

The seemingly capricious nature of the filtering is just stupid. Garbage sites like Millsberry, Cartoon Network and Family Guy (note, garbage in the sense that they have zero educational content) are allowed but sites like TinyURL are blocked. Stupid and annoying. Made more because I used to be able to bypass the blockages by entering my tech account information but they aren't allowing that anymore. What I need is a 3G card for my laptop so I can connect without concern for firewalls and blockages.

I'm looking forward to checking in with some of my teachers I've gotten Kyani samples to. One has been having some pretty serious stomach issues that should be starting to improve. Another has a son who's wrestling and will totally dig the extra energy. And yet another had surgery recently and will make a quicker recovery with his free radicals being actively chased down and flushed out.

It will be interesting to see if the after school jerky says anything. Last week, I got rid of his yard sticks because he used them to hit the backs of the kid's chairs when they weren't working hard enough. Not cool and bordering on abusive. I also made it so that he couldn't use the admin sign-in on my lab computer. No reason why he should be logged in as an admin, ever. He's not a tech and he had his email account removed for abuse. I doubt he'll say anything since he's got no grounds to complain.

I think I processed six or seven loads of laundry yesterday.

There are nine full days of work before Spring Break. Spring Break activities include: a day trip down to the Sea Otter Classic for photos and biking fun, a camping trip, several good long ripper mountain bike rides, a yard sale/garage excavation.

Looking forward to a UFC event tomorrow night, Ultimate Fight Night Condit vs. Kampman (predictions coming soon) followed by the first episode of the new season of The Ultimate Fighter US vs. UK. The coaches are Dan Henderson for the US and Michael Bisping for the UK. Two fighters I have alot of respect for and it should be a good season.

Finally, after two weeks of Survivor on virtual hiatus, there's a new episode this week. March Madness killed one show one week and they aired an annoying behind-the-scenes show the next. I wonder how many people just stopped watching altogether?

I'm still thinking about that outstanding sushi we had the other night. The two new rolls we tried were really superb, the Roll Forest (mango, avo, macadamia nuts and topped with a tiger prawn) was good but the Grinch Roll (deep fried soft shell crab, spicy tuna topped with avo, tuna, wasabi tobiko and spicy mayo) was really top notch especially with the wasabi tobiko on top.

That's about it for now.
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