The vast majority of the people in primary education that I've come across are good people with good hearts and good intentions. Which means, of course, that there are some people in the business who, to be blunt, shouldn't be. They shouldn't be working with kids, they shouldn't be working in education.

There are a couple of different kinds of people that shouldn't be working in the education industry. Some are control freaks who like working around kids because they are easier to boss around and control. Some just do not have the proper set of skills or personality to interact with a bunch of unruly kids in a constructive way.

There are two people at one of my schools that fit each of these types. One is a control freak who presides over the school like some anointed queen of the campus. And woe unto thee if you cross her, she has absolutely no problem at all launching into a screaming tirade, in front of other teachers, in front of students and in front of parents. A very, very bad personality for education, she "rules" by fear of reprisal and bureaucratic ass-draggery (that is, if you are on her bad side and you need something from her then she'll drag her ass as long as possible before giving you the needed supplies).

The other is, in my estimation, even worse and more corrosive. Mostly he's more damaging because he directly interacts with the children and he does not have the tools to do so in any kind of a positive and constructive way. The worst part, for me, is that he shares my computer lab for the last hour and a half of my work day. He doesn't talk to students, he barks at them, he uses a yard stick to tap the back of their chairs when they aren't working hard enough and then he plunks himself in front of a computer and does his own thing. Oh yeah, he also lets the kids play video games instead of do, you know, actual schoolwork. When he leaves at the end of the day, he leaves the lab a mess and pretty much shows nothing but disrespect for the school and the computer lab.

To top it off, he's decided he no longer has to even speak to me for some reason. Granted, I'm not an advocate for him and have actively lobbied his boss to fire him but that doesn't mean you come into my computer lab and pretend that I don't exist. Which I don't really care about, I just find him ever more rude and poorly suited for his job.

His boss is a friend of mine and does listen to me, I hope he'll eventually reassign him or just fire him outright.
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