Happy Everybody's Gonna Be Running Late Day!

Gosh, don't you just love the Monday after the time change when 7 is actually 6 and 8 comes before you even wipe the sleepy seeds from the corners of your eyes? I know I do. I know I love having forgotten to change the time on the automatic coffee maker so that there was no coffee when I got up and walked through my one hour earlier cold house.

I know I enjoyed stepping on the Hot Wheels cars left on the floor in my bedroom that I couldn't see because its friggin' dark out. Or having to scrap the ice off my car before I could see where I was going and I live in Northern California where the only snow we know is up in Tahoe (okay, that made me smile).

And I especially love rolling in to work about ten minutes late but feeling like I'm nearly an hour early.

Thanks a whole fucking hell of a lot, Ben Franklin.

Hope you have a Happy Everybody's Gonna Be Running Late Day. Now I'm going to freebase this cup of coffee and probably still fall asleep at my keyboard.
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