Today I'm introducing a new semi-regular feature at Intellectual Poison called Craw-Struck. You know how sometimes things get stuck in your mind and you can't shake them? Well, that's craw-struck. It isn't necessarily bad but it tends to be something annoying you.

Today's Craw-Struck moments:
- The old man at the stop light stopped too far back to trigger the left turn arrow so the lights cycle twice before the horns started and he drove through a red light. My guess is that's unlicensed and oblivious.
- The teacher that comes into the computer lab and automatically switches on both sets of fluorescent lights even though the room was plenty bright enough with just one on.
- The impatient teacher who waited weeks to tell me her computer was broken and then pestered me about it every day until it was fixed.
- The trio of boys who did almost nothing but chit chat through the class despite repeated warnings to get to work.

What's sticking in your craw today?
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