Budget Cuts to the Bone

I just got out of a budget meeting for my department. To say that I'm shocked and deeply concerned is a massive understatement. The cuts that have been passed will shred my department from just over 30 on staff to 10. Ten lonely people trying to keep more than 6000 computers and support machines up and running for more than 27000 students at 32 schools.

What the fuck do they think is going to happen?

I'll tell you what will happen. Computer labs will fall apart. Computers in classrooms will stop working. Printers will stop being usable. The digital divide will expand into a chasm. The students will get absolutely no computer time. Help Tickets will sit open for months on end because there will be two zone techs available for 32 schools.

The investment in technology will be wasted. The computers will stop being used because the teachers have neither the patience or knowledge to keep them running or to deal with even minor issues like bad logins.

No other department is facing such deep cuts to staff. No other department does as much as we do with so few people to begin with and now they are going to chop two thirds of our numbers.

To say this will cause massive damage to our ability to educate children is a ridiculous understatement. We will be doing a disservice to our kids. And, oh yeah, I'll be out of a job at the worst time in the last fifty years, that'll suck quite alot too.
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