And Now for Something Lighter and Geekier

I know some of my regular readers' eyes glaze over when they see a post here about politics so I'll follow up the previous post with something totally different and far more geeky.

Today is square root day. It is the 3rd day of the 3rd month in the 9th year of the century. 3/3/09. The next square root day will be 4/4/16 in seven years.

Somewhere, my old math teacher from 7th grade, Ms. Carver, is smiling. Which is nice because my enduring memory of her is her sitting at her desk with her face in her hands, crying her eyes out after Scott Hagen made her cry, again.

The reason I think of Ms. Carver is because, way, way back when I started Middle School, it happened to be 9/9/81, another square root day. She was pretty jazzed up about it and also hadn't been beaten down by awful kids yet.

Because I now work in the education system, I have a deep amount of respect for all of the bullshit teachers have to cope with, from standards to insane parents to troubled kids to vandals to year after year of budget cuts to untold extra hours of work off the clock. It is an almost thankless job that pays too little but has deep rewards in other ways (like seeing a kid on the brink come back and turn into an excellent student or another kid flying higher and further than he/she would have otherwise).

Anyway, Happy Square Root Day.

And, to Ms. Carver, sorry for being one of the shits in your class.
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