This Week in Weak and Strong #3

Weak apology - Christian Bale is a foul mouthed asshole and he's somewhat sorry for it.

Weak solidarity - the Republican show of unity in none of them supporting the stimulus package in the House may be heartening to their base who are still licking their wounds over getting trounced last November but it demonstrates a lack of give a damn for the rest of the people in America who are losing their jobs in record numbers.

Weak manufacturing - that the Peanut Corporation of America knew they were shipping tainted and metal-laden peanut products and did nothing to stop it is bizarre, illegal and completely immoral. The people in charge should spend many years behind bars of real prison to get an opportunity to rethink their decisions.

Weak demand for payment - sure, you may have been murdered on Christmas by an angry prick in a Santa costume but you're rent is late so I'm going after your ex-husband. (Note, the demand for payment has since been retracted).

Weak ego stroking - the mother of eight new babies in southern California has six other kids, no husband and no visible means of support. Her doctors should be ashamed of themselves for pumping her full of eggs and baby-making hormones. And it looks like they are under investigation for improprieties.

Weak contract negotiations - Manny Ramirez wants a multiple year contract making more than $25 million per year to play baseball. He's a completely self-absorbed asshole who will quit on a team when he doesn't get his way. My school district is going to lay off hundreds of people because our budget was cut by $17 million this year. One man wants to make enough for hundreds. But then, the same thing can be said about many ball players. Sports salaries are so far out of whack as to be ridiculous. Thanks Scott Boras, for not recognizing how much the country is hurting and for rubbing these enormous numbers in our faces while real people make hard decisions about what to do now that their jobs have been taken from them.

Weak MVP - A-Rod tested positive for steroids in 2003 when he won the AL MVP. I'm not sure why it took 6 years for the results to come back but the message his steroid use sends is a bad one. Use drugs, cheat and win. I hate him even more than I did before he became a Yankee.

Strong Win - Way to go Steelers! It was a scary, topsy-turvy football game and my faith was shaken near the end but Big Ben and the Boys came through for a thrilling and awesome win to take home the World Championship.
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