Sexualization in Kid's Programming

With two small kids in the house, the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon are on the tv fairly often (probably far too often but we're working on it). And I am forced to sit through some of the shows, the most annoying of which I exercise my parental authority and ban outright. But the thing that gets me is the marketing to kids.

There's a music CD that gets sold to kids called KidzBop which is children resinging popular songs. Which isn't so bad although some of the songs are rather adult in nature and its odd, to say the least, seeing a 12 year old girl singing about love and heartache.

But the creepy part is, in the commercial, when they show a 12ish year old vamping and shaking her non-existent boobs like a big girl. I get what they are trying to do and all but the advertisers are feeding inappropriate imagery to kids and giving pedophiles wank fodder.

But then, maybe I just read too much into everything. But I've got to do something with my mind while the (mostly) drivel is on.
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