Random Thoughts

William H. Macy looks like a cross between a human and a frog.

Dick Cheney is as hateful, vile and wrong in "retirement" as he was as vice president. Only now nobody really gives a shit what he has to say.

The Daily Show does a pretty fantastic job of demonstrating the ridiculous hypocrisy of the Republican attempts to derail the stimulus package. Quote of the night "C-Span doesn't delete the tapes when a new administration takes power."

We are finally starting to work our way through this last season of The Shield. It is superb in a dark and twisted kind of way.

I get to see my Mommy tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about it. And not just because there will be excellent sushi involved.

I tend to share alot of articles I read on TechDirt, they do a good job of highlighting ridiculous lawsuits, and general dumbasserery.
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