One War We Can End Now

With a sample size of more than 6000 and a response rate far in excess of 50% for legalization (and taxation) of marijuana, it really is time to legalize it as Peter Tosh sang so many years ago.

Now, I'm not a smoker anymore but I have been known to smoke the herb on occasion. While it won't expand your mind, neither does alcohol and marijuana is definitely safer from a health perspective.

Legalization of marijuana makes sense from many standpoints, not the least of which is economically. How many millions of Americans are in prison right now for smoking or selling dope? How much of a burden are they on an already over-taxed prison system? How much money could be instantly saved by releasing them?

And then there are the taxation aspects. How much money is generated by taxing alcohol sales?

Remember what happened when alcohol was prohibited for sale? It gave rise to gangsters and crime and people making gin in their bathtubs and, perhaps worst of all, flapper dresses. Legalizing marijuana removes the criminal interest, it eases the burden on the prison system, it makes good citizens of people that are going to smoke it regardless of the law, a huge amount of money will be generated by taxation and it could be regulated by the FDA (laced pot is a real and scary phenomenon).

It makes sense.

Besides, ask a cop if they want to arrest a drunk person or a stoned person and they will almost certainly tell you that a stoned person is much less hassle, much less likely to do something stupid (like grab for a gun or try to drive off).

Legalize marijuana and let's move those resourced on to more harmful societal problems like meth, crack, heroin and other hardcore and dangerous drugs. Nobody ever died from smoking too much dope, they just fall asleep.
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