Linky Fun, Bit.ly Style

I've been using bit.ly to shorter URLs for use on Twitter for the last couple of weeks after Leo Laporte mentioned they have a solid tracking mechanism. And, being a number geek, I glommed right on and haven't deglommed.

Here's a rundown of URLs I've shortened recently.
Octuplets mother offered $1M porn contract
Saving Money: The 10 Most and Least Affordable Cities in the US
#247 Know When to Give Up
Carnival - The Big Picture - Boston.com
Initial Impressions from the Canon SX110
UFC 95 Predictions
A Short Tour of California Video
NWoTD - Asspersion
The Pornificator Goes to the Movies
The Nadya Suleman Octomom
Wife Swap: Stephen Fowler
NWoTD - Douchebattery
Facebook backtracks on terms of use after protests

I'm looking into a way to add my bit.ly shortened URLs to the blog automatically.
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