Bad Drivers in Company Vehicles

I don't understand people who drive company vehicles with the company's name plastered on the side and a sticker on the back that says "How am I driving? Call 1 800-Ima-Jerk to report bad driving" along with an identifying number and they drive like completely assholes.

Do they really expect that cutting people off and driving big pick up trucks like sports cars isn't going to result in people dropping a dime on them? Or do they just not give a damn about getting yapped at for being assholes on the road?

In today's economy with record layoffs all over the place and a market flooded with qualified and eager workers, wouldn't it make sense to do everything in your power to keep your job? I.e. don't behave like a douchebag on the road?

My guess is that they don't think they are driving like jerks or they don't think people will call them on it. But if you cut me off and I've got some way to bring a little smackdown on you for doing it, you can rest assured that I'll be dialing your company up in a heartbeat.

Why can't people drive with some manners?
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