The Hawtness is Notness

My favorite celebrity satire artist, 14, scores a wicked hit again with her: A Madonna Crotch Endorsement 20 Years from Now.

14 does a great job of capturing the little details and the whole package is satire of the highest and funniest order.

Her entire series of work based on Paris Hilton is genuinely hilarious and worth a look. The same for her Rachel Ray series.

Really there's very little that she does in the way of celebrity satire that doesn't score a near direct hit on my laugh at them bone.

I've been working on a collaboration with her for a little while now but its taken a backseat recently due to more pressing issues (like, oh I don't know, breathing). But I am planning on getting back to it when I can think clearly again and feel the burning need to rip some celebs a fresh one (actually, I'm going with some political figures for my write up).
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