Finish Day

I have come to realize that I've got some really good qualities and some really poor follow through. I'm a great idea person but a generally bad finisher.

So, in order to help overcome my shortcomings, I am declaring today, Finish Day. I will try to list out as many of the projects I am currently juggling and then try to shoot them down one by one. This list will very likely grow before it starts to shrink.

- Finish Gallery of the Absurd collaboration post
- Finish Skyrates Museum of Aviation History storyline
- Contact and set up meeting with teacher to discuss wedding photography
- Contact and set up other meeting with other teacher to discuss other wedding photography
- Make clean copy of ID and fax forms to Domains by Proxy to remove private domain registration
- Finish prototype invention
- Complete one, two, three, school tech summaries for department share site
- Finish editing video of biking with Nande in Nisene Marks
- Repost Craigslist ads for bookcases and desk to clean out house
- Post Craigslist ad to test waters for new stylist, manicurist, esthetician for shop
- Update and add CafePress store to bike blog
- Clean up resume and remove the Six Sucky Words
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