The Continuing (and Incredibly Aggravating) Saga of Domains By Proxy

I have been trying, on and off for a couple of years now, to get the privacy listing removed from my domain. I usually start the effort at the 90 days out from renewal mark and am so deeply frustrated and pissed off that I give up and suck up the extra yearly cost.

But not this year. This year I've been doggedly pursuing the company, Domains by Proxy, to get my login information (which is old and completely lost) so that I can finally cancel the unnecessary and unwanted service.

Domains by Proxy, by the way, is owned by the asshats of the internet, GoDaddy.com led by asshat extraordinaire, Bob Parsons. GoDaddy's claim to "fame" is the use of big breasted women in their Super Bowl commercials.

Everytime I finish jumping through one of their annoying hoops, they put up another one. Because they need to verify my identity, I had to send them a scanned copy of my license. Only they rejected it the first three times because they claimed the resolution wasn't high enough. I ended up emailing them a full color hi-res copy. Keep in mind that I wasn't able to actually fax this stuff from my house since we no longer have long distance on our POTS line which added a whole other level of complexity to this hassle.

Once that hurdle was cleared, they set up another one. This time I had to try to remember the fake company name I'd registered the site with originally. I had no idea so I took a couple of wild stabs in the dark and got it on my second try. I was thinking the path to access was almost complete but I was very wrong.

Now they needed me to send them a copy of the business license for the fake company. But fake companies don't have business licenses and I was and am unable to provide them one. Which meant more emails, more negotiating and more forms to fill out and fax back.

Just this morning I sent them the declaration that the company is not a valid company. And, like every other correspondence, they can take up to three business days to respond which inches us ever closer to the renewal date for the domain.

But I am going to be dogged about it this time. Primarily because I found out that Domains by Proxy is a GoDaddy company and it bothers the hell out of me to know I'm putting money in an asshat's pocket.

You will not win this time, Domains by Proxy! I will defeat you. And the reason I will not give up is because of Bob Parsons specifically.
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