Choose A Side

I just came up with a new game called Choose A Side.

It works like this. Go to your local favorite news source (in my case it will be the San Francisco Chronicle) and copy the top five news items on the home page. Then go through the list and choose a side and explain why.

Sound like fun? Alrighty then, here we go.

Positive Bonds Steroids Tests Alleged - Okay, okay, Bonds is a big fat-headed cheater. I said it. But what is ultimately going to send him to jail isn't the steroid use, its the lying about it. Look at Jason Giambi, he admitted it and his career has moved on (albeit with smaller numbers). It is arguable that Bonds cheated, or started cheating, during an era when steroid use was rampant and tacitly condoned by ownership and the commissioner. Once public sentiment turned against it then everyone tried to pretend like they'd been against steroid and HGH use all along. Does that exonerate him? No, because he let his ego get the better of him and lied about drug use while under oath in front of a congressional hearing. And one thing you absolutely do not do is lie to a bunch of Congressmen and women. Do I think they should be, you know, doing something more important with their time? Hell yeah, our economy is in the toilet, we have two wars going on and we have asshat bank execs pulling down $15 million a year in bailout cash. Bonds' crimes are pretty unimportant in the larger scheme of things.
Conclusion: Not on Bonds side.

Digital TV Conversion Delayed Until June - This won't make one bit of difference in our life either with or without the conversion. We get cable, it is taken care of for us (though I did hear that our cable company was slowly slipping beneath the bankruptcy waves). I guess, since I have to choose sides, I'll go with the people here, the ones who either cannot afford or cannot find a digital converter unit to buy.
Conclusion: With the non-digitized masses.

UC Regents Change Rules For Admission - guarantees are hard to come by in the real world. They always have loopholes or clauses or somesuch that makes them less than rock-solid. I have no problem with reducing the guaranteed admissions of the top students in California from 12.5% to 10% if it means more kids will get an honest look by the school system. But then, I'm not a top 11% student, I bet I'd have a different take on this if I was.
Conclusion: Siding with the Regents.

Shackled Tracy Boy's Escape Described - the people are abused this kid should never walk free again. They are despicable, hateful, hideous excuses for human beings. What they did is unforgivable and they should be made to suffer until their last breath.
Conclusion: Completely on the kid's side here. Absolutely no question.

Obama Caps Executive Pay Tied To Bailout - This is another pretty easy one. It is shocking how deeply greedy and ridiculous banking executives are. The stories of excess making the news are very likely the tip of the iceberg and we're only hearing about them now because the money is ours, not theirs (though it is still ours sort of when it was bank money). The junkets, the lavish office redecorating, the bonuses for doing nothing showing up and helping crater the company. The greed is rife throughout the banking industry and it is wrong. Capping executive salaries is a good first step to ensuring that the bailout money they get isn't going straight into some wanker in an expensive suit's pocket.
Conclusion: Go Obama! Smack them fatcats around some!

That was a good time. Want to give it a try? Leave a comment and I'll come check yours out.
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