Busy Sunday

I have, like a large percentage of American males, just finished watching the Super Bowl and extend congrats to the Steelers for pulling it out after nearly letting Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald take it away. It was an odd game marked by some pretty questionable penalties.

But I enjoyed it anyway and am glad that the Steelers did win but I'd be happier if they'd covered the damned spread but oh well.

Also, Kurt Warner's wife looks about a thousand times better with hair than without.

But I also did a bunch of other stuff today too and it was fun and noteworthy.

After doing some preventive maintenance on my bike rack (I added some ring clamps so that the fork side couldn't slide off again) and switching my handlebars out for the more comfy pair, I took Grady out for a bike ride in the slough that ended up being in the parking lot at West Marine instead. We had a blast chasing each other all over the big lot, me on my cruiser and him on his Hot Wheels BMX. I don't know how far we went but he definitely put a couple of miles under his wheels. More than anything though, we had alot of fun cruising around together.

After we came back home, I loaded up again with Sully and the Trail-a-Bike to get him some saddle time in the fantastically warm and beautiful day. He really surprised me by being game to go and go and go even though he was having some trouble reaching the pedals. It was touch and go at first but we stopped several times so he could blast the horn some and that made him smile and really start to enjoy himself.

We ended up going down the trail to the bridge and back to the parking lot and then all the way to Main and back. He was game for more. But he didn't want to try the solo bike on his own and took out his scooter to buzz around the parking lot for a while with me chasing him and him laughing loud and long.

If I can infect my boys with my love of bicycling then I will be a happy pappy indeed.

Oh yeah, I also dismantled, cleaned, lubed and reassembled the PS2 from my wife's shop to restore it to near perfect working order again, that was cool! Thanks to MetaCafe for the excellent help video to guide me through.
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