A Brand New Day, The End of the Domains by Proxy Nightmare

I feel like a weight has been lifted, a curtain pulled back and sunshine is streaming into my previously dark life. This morning I finally obtained access to my Domains By Proxy account (cue the angels singing and release the doves) and, in ridiculously short order, canceled their "service" and saved myself a good chunk of money.

The hoops they had me jump through were exhaustive, repetitive and annoying.

But, once I found out that Domains by Proxy is a GoDaddy owned company, it all made sense. You see the CEO of GoDaddy is a guy by the name of Bob Parsons and Bob Parsons is a douchebag so it makes sense that any company he controls is going to behave in a distinctly douchebaggish manner.

But, also upon finding out that GoDaddy owned Domains by Proxy, it steeled my resolve to end the "service" once and for all as I have a pretty firm rule about giving money to reprehensible asshats like Bob Parsons.

In the end, once I had access, it was very easy to cancel the service and I'll never make the mistake of signing up for an internet company without making sure it isn't affiliated with GoDaddy.
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