What Today Means

Today is the dawn of a New America. Today is the inauguration and swearing in Barack Obama, the first African-American president in the history of this nation. It is also the end of the Bush Administration.

It is the dawn of new leadership, it is the end of state sanctioned torture, it is the beginning of the end of Gitmo, it is the beginning of climb back out of the deep, deep hole that the Bush/Cheney tag team of anger and ignorance put us in.

Today is the transfer of power from an unpopular yokel to a man with great vision who is smart enough to surround himself with smarter people than himself.

Today is one of great hope for better tomorrows for us all. But today also signals the need for all of us to throw our energy into making tomorrow better. Today is a call to duty.

Today is a day of celebration for the entire planet.

Today is a day that many people thought would never happen, ever. Today is Obama Day!
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