Unexpected Beach Day

We took advantage of the phenomenal weather today and split up for some fun. I took Grady for a walk in the slough with my new zoom lens to see if I could capture some of the falcons and hawks I've seen around on my bike rides. My wife took Sully and Nande out to the beach for some play in the sun and surf.

Grady and I had a good time talking and taking pictures. He has such a funny sense of humor and is such a sweet kid, sometimes I don't ever want him to grow up. About an hour or so into our walk, my wife called and said the weather really was exceptional and that we should maybe come to the beach.

She wasn't lying by any stretch. It was really perfect out at the beach. Warm sun, almost nobody around save walkers cruising by. We had plenty of space to play and Nande had already gotten one good round of play. She had plenty left in the tank though and I did my best to wear her out by throwing a stick into the surf again and again.

The only downer to the day is just how brutally icy the water is. It literally hurts to walk in because it is so cold. But Sully was having none of that running away stuff. He dragged me out in the breaking surf more times than I might have wanted to. But its hard to say no to the little guy when he's got such a huge grin and is obviously having a truly fantastic time.

The waves were massive and pounding the sand and there was a really severe rip tide a little ways out but we weren't going too far.

By the time it was time to head up, pretty much all of us were beat, ready for a late lunch and then, hopefully, some naps. Sully and I fell asleep for a little bit while my wife and Grady hung out downstairs.

It was a wonderful way to spend this, the last day of the Bush administration and the last day before Barack Obama gets sworn in as the President of the United States of America. A pretty heady concept and one that seems almost like a dream that has finally, finally come to fruition.
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