This Week in Weak and Strong

Riffed off of Rude Cactus, here's my weekly take on the weakest news of the week. And a little uplift to round it out.

Weak words - Dick Cheney shredding his old "boss" for failing to pardon Scooter Libby for outing Valerie Plame, you know, the CIA agent who's cover was blown for the weakest of weak reasons, political payback. And oh by the way, nice wheelchair, Darth, I mean, Dick.

Weak case - a man with a prior conviction for DUI was unable to start his car because he'd just eaten some ice cream which made him blow a false positive on the device connected to his ignition. He even proved it in court to get the device removed.

Weak asshattery - John Thain, the now-resigned boss of Bank of America, who saw fit to drop $1.2 million of bailout money to redecorate his office in ridiculous style (a $1400 trash can? come on!). Way to spend money that isn't yours on crap you didn't need.

Weak quote - Rush Limbaugh for his "I hope he fails" quote in regards to new President Barack Obama. Rush Limbaugh is a boil on the ass of the nation, he adds nothing but ugly and empty rhetoric.

Weak number - 9.3%, the latest unemployment rate in California.

The Strong - This is an easy one, Tuesday's inauguration of Barack Obama as the country's first African-American president and the much, much anticipated end of the Bush era.
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