This Week in Weak and Strong #2

Attempting to make this a regular feature of Intellectual Poison, here is the second Week in Weak and Strong.

Weak governance - Dear Rod Blagojevich, Selling Senates is bad, getting all blustery and full of hyperbole in front of the commission to impeach just makes you look like an idiot. Good luck with your post politics career. And by good luck, I mean, I hope you saved alot of money because you're going to be out of work for a long, long time. You aren't Gandhi, you aren't Nelson Mandela, you are a crooked jackass.

Weak Greed - The Wall St. greedheads need to be reminded that bonuses are supposed to be compensation for doing a good job, not a birthright. The $18 billion in bonuses scheduled for the jackasses presiding over the worst year on Wall St. since the 30's is beyond ridiculous, it should be criminal. That's our damned money they are giving away for cratering the economy and sending the nation into a recession.

Weak enforcement - the more we learn about the cops that patrol BART, the more we learn that they are just about a half step up from the thugs they bust or shoot in the back.

Weak money - Budgets that underfund education are shortsighted and create much deeper social issues down the road. I'll grant that the current recession and budget crisis means we all must tighten our belts but repeatedly cutting funding for education is penny wise and pound foolish.

Weak people - Joaquin Phoenix serious about rap career, says rep. 'Nuff said. Actually, click the link and see him in his "glory". Jackass.

Weak traffic - We come across them everyday. The dinkus who thinks stop signs are for other people, the asshat who cuts you off on the on-ramp only to top out at 65 mph on the highway, the wankers who think turn signals are for losers and the jerks who drive like it is their pride on the line at every moment.

Strong karma - The donors to the anti-gay Prop 8 have been trying to hide their names from public disclosure in the wake of massive protests. A judge just recently refused to throw out the law or shield donors' names. Nothing like trying to hide your bigoted and hurtful hate behind the law and getting smacked in the face with it. Haters.

Well now, that was actually more satisfying than it felt like it was going to be when I started.
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