Sex and Other Euphemisms

More juvenility! Herein are some of the euphemisms I've grown up with or invented myself. If they are attributable to a coiner than that person or other is in parentheses.

Masturbation (male):
Rubbing one out
Choking the trouser snake
Going fishing for trouser trout
Beating the one-eyed gopher
Milking the monkey

Masturbation (female):
Flipping the switch
Sinking the man in the boat

Washing her dishes
Shining her shoes
The horizontal mambo
Trouser snake boogie
The bang tango

Going to the bathroom:
Dropping a tail
Dropping the kids off at the pool (Jessica Simpson)
Making bricks
Laying the foundation (an offshoot from the previous one and the classic song "Brickhouse")
Making brownies (South Park)

I'm sure I am forgetting some old favorites and may add them later. What are your favorite euphemisms? If they are worthy, I'll add them to the post with an attribution.
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