Rough Night

Anybody that has kids will know where I am coming from today. My boys like to sleep in our bed and I usually don't have any issue with it, they fall asleep in our bed, I put them in their bed before I go to bed myself. Sometimes they rejoin us in the big bed and sometimes they do not.

Last night, or more accurately butt-ass early this morning, they both got into our bed and then proceeded to annoy each other which proceeded to wake and annoy both my wife and I.

Once I was awake, my allergies took over and I was pretty well awake and more than a little bit aggravated because I generally don't get enough sleep under the best circumstances. I tend to stay up a little too late because the house is so quiet and I can actually get stuff done without distraction.

After a little while of the boys being annoying to each other and then complaining when the other retaliated, we split them up. I took Sully back to his bed and laid down with him there. And ended up spending the rest of the night in his bed with him rather than try to move back to my bed.

The end result is that I'm a bit weary this morning and the full-on allergy assault isn't helping much at all.

The one good thing about last night is that I had myself a good workout. I'm starting to string them together in bunches again and that bodes well for my overall health. Now I just need to get some more saddle time and I'll be golden.
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