Roland Burriss Bitchslaps Due Process

Roland Burriss is not, despite his and his team of lawyers bleated and repeated insistence, the junior senator from Illinois. He was appointed to replace Barack Obama by Rod Blago.....whatever the hell his name is, I think I'll just call him Governor Helmethead, after Helmethead has been accused of trying to sell the Senate seat to the highest bidder. Which, oddly enough, is a felony.

Burriss has not been certified for a very good and valid reason. That being that his appointer, Governor Helmethead, is under investigation for committing a felony with that very seat he's laid his claim to.

It would be prudent and much more above board and honest to let due process run its course. He wouldn't be stirring up a shitstorm of controversy by demanding that it is his without any reservations or recognizing that the appointment was made under extremely suspect circumstances.

Roland Burriss gives politicians an even worse name than they already have and is representative of what is wrong with politics in America. He and his team of mouthpieces spew rhetoric and hyperbole but their argument is, basically, Roland Burriss is the junior Senator from Illinois because Roland Burriss is the junior Senator from Illinois.

All of this combined with the rather creepy and hyper-inflated ego fact that the dude's already bought a mausoleum and listed out his life's accomplishments on it but left plenty of space for his accomplishments in the Senate. That's just creepy and smacks of a completely self-serving mentality.
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