More Local Douchebaggery

Burglars strike three schools and don't really steal too much, they just broke some windows, sprayed fire extinquishers and drank a bunch of soda. They did steal a computer from a reading resource room though so it wasn't all fun and games.

The thing of it is, these schools are already way underwater in terms of budget and they really don't have a spare chunk of cash to repair the damage and buy a replacement computer.

I would guess this was perpetrated by some teenagers just looking to cause some trouble but I don't really care, you break into a school and vandalize it or steal from it and you might as well get "LOSER" tattooed on your forehead. You're a walking turd and the sooner you get caught for some crime and sentenced to a long stay in the pokey, the better. They probably won't get busted for this annoying and lame crime but its a pretty good bet that they commit other limp crimes in addition to these.

The upside is that some of the employees in the district are looking into ways to get them a replacement computer from some of the other schools, mine included. I've requested permission to send over one of our spares that has been in the lab awaiting re-imaging and am hopeful that they will get more than just the one or two from my school.
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