The Logistics of 14 Kids and No Husband

A tweet by my friend, Helen, got me to thinking about the new mother of octuplets in addition to the six kids she already had. She separated from her husband last January and is now facing the insanely daunting task of raising 14 children on her own.

Overlooking the scary possibility raised in this article that Nadya Doud may be addicted to having children, there are some pretty scary realities she's going to be facing.

Dressing 14 kids will probably take a couple of hours, feeding them all will take a couple of hours, bathing 14 kids will probably take a couple of hours. Heck, getting them all loaded up into the car, or bus, and secured into their seats will probably take a couple of hours. And I wouldn't even want to think about trying to put 14 children down for bed. One starts crying and you've got a pack of screaming, crying and unhappy kids at once.

I just don't honestly see how it is possible to care for 14 children without substantial assistance.

The fact that all of her kids were conceived via in-vitro fertilization tells me that there are some pretty unscrupulous doctors "caring" for her without regard to the state of her life and already existing kids.

While some are calling the octuplets a miracle, there's a pretty fine line between miracle and 18 year nightmare of screaming and crying.

And then there's also the question of her ability to actually mother each of them. How do you effectively nurture 14 children at once? How do you address and resolve each of their personal issues and problems? The simple answer is that you cannot unless you literally do nothing else and even then you're probably going to miss alot of their problems.

I am often overwhelmed by just my two children, it is beyond my capacity to comprehend having SEVEN TIMES the kids under one roof.
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