Job Minimality

My job is, quite literally, on the line again. Along with a whole host of support staff in the school district. Something about a nearly $20 million shortfall over the next 18 months to two years.

We are looking at some serious cutbacks including the removal of all sports programs, half of the custodial staff, closing of all libraries and a freeze on any computer lab installations (and likely the loss of computer room teachers). Which, of course, bodes horribly for the education of our children but it seems that turning out a well-rounded and capable student is the least of Governor Meathead's priorities. He seems to favor prisons over schools, primarily because it offsets the costs for a dozen years or so.

Anyway, people are struggling to keep their jobs. Or, most people are struggling to keep their jobs. Some people I work with tangentally do the absolute minimum they can do to keep from being sanctioned and, eventually, fired. And sometimes they don't even do that.

It kind of blows my mind to know that there are people who's job it is to collect trash and vacuum rooms and they just don't do it. They skip rooms entirely for days and weeks at a time. Or they collect the trash only to deposit it in the trashcan just outside the door.

The school system already has an enormous number of stupidities in it that keep it from running efficiently and adding into it disgruntled or just plain unmotivated workers adds even more drag to the whole system. And, in the end, it does an even greater disservice to the children in the system.
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